Ear Candling - Certificate or Diploma Course

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Ear Candling - Accredited Course

Our Ear Candling Course is ideal for beginner’s who wish to learn the art of using this lovely natural method (and natural products) to help benefit clients. Ear Candling has many physical benefits such as soothing the ear, calms symptoms of hayfever, relieves pressure and congestion in the ear, nose & throat. It is also beneficial for sinusitis and rhinitis. Our course also includes a soothing head and scalp massage routine that provides deep levels of relaxation for your client.

You can either opt to take the Certificate Course intended for home use, or you can select to complete the Professional Diploma Course where you will gain a fully accredited Diploma upon successful completion of the theory test and case studies. Our Diploma Qualification will allow you to work self employed, start your own home-based business, or work as a mobile therapist.

Pre Requirements

  • This is a beginners course and so there are no pre requirements

Course Syllabus

This is the background and theory that you study from home and then complete an online test paper. It is easily completed with 8-12 hours of study time. For some people it may a little take longer. If you opt to complete a Diploma then you'll also need to complete client consultation forms and a case study portfolio.

Module 1
History of Ear Candling

Module 2
Ingredients of Biosun Hopi Ear Candles
Ingredients of Otosan Natural Ear Drops
How ear drops work
How ear candles work
Reasons for Ear Candle Therapy
When and how often to use ear candles and ear drops

Module 3
Contra-indications for ear candle therapy
Storage instructions for candles
Contra-indications for face massage
Safety instructions
Ear therapy facecloth

Module 4
The anatomy and physiology of the ear
Bones of the head and face
Muscles of the face, head and neck
Blood flow in the head and neck
The trigeminal nerve
The lymphatic system

Module 5
Preparations for treatment
Client preparation
Therapist preparation
Using the otoscope

Module 6
Conducting an Ear Candle Therapy

Module 7
The head and face massage
Reactions to therapy
Examining contents of candles after treatment

Module 8
Ear candle therapy for children
Body mechanics checklist for the therapist

Module 9
Client consultation skills
Consultation environment
Client education
Client confidentiality
Consultation form
Information and aftercare advice

Module 10 (Diploma Course Only)
Case study guidelines
Case study examples

Additional information
Hints and tips
Your notes and questions

Additional documents
Test paper
Client form
Case study form

Certificate - Home Use

  • Course cost: £39.00
  • Accredited: TTC (our company's stamp of approval)
  • Certificate: Allows you to offer treatments for friends and family
  • Suitable for: Beginners - Intended for self-development and home use
  • Time limits: No time restraints
  • PDF manual: 45 pages in full colour
  • Theory test: Online - 45 multiple choice questions & unlimited attempts to pass
  • Video: Not available for this course

Diploma - Professional Use

  • Course cost: £99.00
  • Accredited: IICT, INHA
  • Diploma: Allows you to offer treatments professionally and obtain therapist insurance
  • Suitable for: Beginners or experienced therapists as a CPD course
  • Time limits: No time restraints
  • PDF manual: 45 pages in full colour
  • Theory test: Online - 45 multiple choice questions & unlimited attempts to pass
  • Portfolio: Online - submit your consultation and case studies portfolio for marking
  • Video: Not available for this course